Vladivostok is a small company, and so far we only have one artist: Daniel Saturn.

In 1998 Daniel released his debutalbum 'Softly' on the Halmstad-based label Dorian Records. 'Softly' received great reviews from many critics. Unfortunately it didn't reach the great masses. However, 'Softly' remains as a small masterpiece when it comes to pure pop. 2000 Daniel was signed by the publisher Tom Bone Music. In late 2002 Daniel decided to leave Tom Bone. He bought his own studio and started recording what later would become the album 'Still That Same Refrain'.

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CD Dorian 1998 (DORIAN05)

1. Hello Hello
2. Softly
3. Too Young
4. Things That You Do
5. Sunday Morning
6. Dirty Sue
7. Satellite
8. Superstar
9. She's The Girl
10. In A Play
11. Settle Down
12. Leather Messiah

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Still That Same Refrain
CD Vladivostok 2003 (VLADI01)

1. Still That Same Refrain
2. Is This Really Happening?
3. It Ain't Gonna Last
4. Say You Will
5. You And Me
6. Her Smile
7. Jesus Freaked Her Out
8. 4 O'Clock In The Morning
9. What A Day
10. Feeling Alright
11. Theme From An Unwritten Movie

Still That Same Refrain
Singel Vladivostok 2003 (VLADI02)

1. Still That Same Refrain
8. 4 O'Clock In The Morning